Water is divine stuff.  Tons of cool substances dissolves in water.  Here’s a picture of water holding ions of sodium and chlorine.  So, it doesn’t matter if the ion is charge positive or charge negative.  Water has got both sides, and turns around back and forth to make strong secure bonds.  The water molecule saying Up down left right back or front 2-3 6-8 12-15?  is referring to tides, direction of the wave, front side or backside, and wave heights in feet.


In gardening, we are always concerned with whether or not there is enough water in the soil that plants have access to .  Without water, plants cannot grow.  They suffer and wilt, and succumb to disease and insects. Image

The California state rock is a beautiful blue green rock called Serpentine.  A diagonal belt of it runs across San Francisco from the old military base Presidio to the hills of Potrero near Starr King School and some magnificent Mariposa lilies.  Serpentine has a high concentration of Chromium and Cobalt – heavy metals.  It is also poor in nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.  It is a difficult substrate for many plants to live in.  However, some thrive in it. Image