We had a nice draw freehand style draw at the Sunnyside Conservatory

talked about different ways to shade a tree

and how freehand requires a loose throw it all out there approach

in contrast to the more accurate but rigid to-scale type drawings

Lets take the basic plan we had from our one point perspective

and develop it into an isometric drawing

where that nice 90 degree angle is now 120 degrees

and much of the drawing is done with the help of the 30-60-90 triangle

it is all to scale – so that is pretty easy

but to be fair – it is not really a perspective

in the sense that things far away are small, and things close up are big

still, it does convey the three dimensional imagery,

and helps the viewer to understand what you are visualizing

for the outdoor space

Remember to use the 30 degree angles!!!

And measure correctly! Start with pencil…

Okay that about does it! So instead of a rectangular patio in the middle, thought it would fun to pop it up into some kinda structure. And the thing in the back of the garden, not sure what that is either?! Practicing the basics of an isometric drawing – YES! Good planning? – Maybe not… But I got my Italian cypress trees ready to screen the neighbors! Lets go to ink.

Now wait a second. What are you doing?! What is this strange mess of a garden?!? Stop this nonsense! Go back! Go back!

Are you serious at all!? Who would want to have such a place in their backyard? Well, at least you get the idea – an isometric drawing. Now it is your turn. Let’s go!!!