We have been working on perspectives and renderings in our class, trying to capture and depict gardens and plants in an efficient manner. It is not an easy task. It requires concentration and focus, observation, and the ability to pass an image through the brain into the hands onto the paper. We struggle. Some people draw like a little kid because they have not drawn for twenty years and never practiced. They draw the trees like blobs of geometric shapes. Other people treat drawing as a rigorous exercise where every line must be just so, and every space has to be filled in meticulously. This world appears uniform and tired. After a while of this, you give up on drawing because it is too stressful. Then, there’s some people with good balance in their drawings. The plants’ identities are evident. There is feeling and movement. The artist has taken the time to sit with the plants, note their individual character and temperament. Aiiiyyyyy. Still not there yet. Back to the drawing board then…