Turns out dreaming is not where its at. Its research and knowledge at your finger tips!

In this 2021 article in Botany, I learned a lot more about the Ceiba and its significance as a world tree:

Ceiba pentandra (Malvaceae) and associated species: Spiritual Keystone Species of the Neotropics

Having spent time with the Huaorani, Professor Rival of the University of Oxford is the story teller:

Rival, L. 1999. Trees and the symbolism of life in indigenous cosmologies. In Cultural and spiritual values of biodiversity. Edited by D. Posey. UNEP, Nairobi. pp. 358–362.

Hence, in the olden times

the ceiba sheltered all of life

it connected the heavens and the earth

and was mother, father, and sanctuary

outside of its zone of protection

the terrain was all flat, there was no water

the angry sun scorched and burned the earth

and evil eagles preyed on humans and other animals

encircling the tree was fear, death, and doom

it was a difficult time in evolution