Found this great book at the public library:

It had a picture of old time hero Dr Schultes crouching in a vision quest circle, lookin’ like he was about to fast for a few days and meditate on the desert.

In the section on the supernatural beliefs, origin stories, and culture creators, they talk about the spirit power of plants. There is this idea of an invisible power that looks like a hairy bug named ICOR, and it is in charge of the life and spirit of all the plants. Moreover, the hairs of the ICOR create dust on the plants, dust of various colors. And sometimes this dust drifts into the air and forms clouds, storms, rain, the whole bit.

Well I thought this was pretty wicked cool, and if anything, somewhat resembled our scientific water cycles of transpiration and cloud formation, along with how plant cover can facilitate rainfall in a given region.

Another part of Seri mythology was about the various humanoid mythic beings that made this earth habitable for people. One such creator was a short, fat, dirty, breech cloth wearing dude named HANT HASOOMA. He reminded me of the master of animals, and so I had to draw him too. He is basically the spirit of the desert itself.

And heres the key to some of the Sonora desert plants in the drawing. HEHE is the name given to the life and spirit of a plant: