Heres the notes and pictures for chapter one:  Society and plant use over time

Sorry cant explain em all.  Gotta take the class to hear the stories.  Thank you.

The celestial people who ride in an anaconda canoe from the jaguar milky way gift ancestral plant cultivars to the people of the multi colored river.


Ladna & Loli eating Inga edulis.


Jonathon (in blue tunic cushma) making a hammock.  Thomas doing nothing.


Wanta paca eating banana.


Loli with machete harvested fruits of goza Jessenia bataua.


Hardwood half moon shaped food processor and trough for palm and corn and other foods.  You sit on a stool and rock it back n forth.


Loli adzing away at a Lauraceous tree.  Don Cesareo to her right, then Cesar and Luke.


Luke riding away in the finished canoe.


Thomas clearing the perimeter for snakes in the grass.


On the Aguarico River with Loli, Cesar, and friend.

Scan 17 copy

Old time irrigation in Andalucia.  Original design by the Moors.

farm irrigation 3 copy

Olive tree orchard.

farm olea2 copy

Olive varieties in the store along with lupines altramuces and kimbo cucumbers.

town olives copy

Weekend sweets rings of churros with local rush Jucus acutus.

village juncus copy

Juncus useful as a carrier.

village juncus2 copy

Local chamomile for tea.

wild camomile copy

Local carob tree flowers.  Wild pigs love to eat the fruits legumes.

wild ceratonia flowers copy

At the market snails and herbs to season them.

village herbs snails copy

Local thyme tomillo.

wild thyme copy

Cork oak Quercus suber.

wild cork oak copy

Hard corn planted for animal feed. Flood irrigated.

farm corn 2 copy

Pomegranates.  Oranges left unpicked to rot.  If the prices are low it ain’t worth picking.

farm orange and granada copy

Avocados.  The most recently grown crop.  Fetch more money per pound but not as drought tolerant or hardy as the olive.

farm avocado copy

The local tea Bidens.  For drinking with a bit of cinnamon bark or for soaking tired feet after a day working on the farm.

farm coin tea copy

Wild pigs rooting beneath the pines.

wild pigs scavenge copy