In the olden times none of the animals had any feathers or fur or tails
The only animal that had it all was Eagle
Eagle flew high above the buttes
In style
All the other animals were jealous


So the animals tried to shoot Eagle down
But they could not succeed
Because Eagle flew so high up in the sky
Coyote came with his sea otter skin quiver
Full of arrows
He shot all his arrows
And failed
He tried again the next day
And the next
Finally one day
Late in the day
He made a direct hit
Eagle died, plummeted to the ground, and rolled down to the river
Coyote told everyone “ We’ll go get the feathers tomorrow morning. The rich folks get dibs on the best feathers, and the poor folks get the small junky feathers”


Coyote got up super early, and ran down to the river
He thought he would get the best feathers for sure
But when he got to the river, the other animals were already done
They had taken pretty much all of Eagle’s skin, meat, and feathers
All that was left for Coyote
Was an old worn out tail feather
What could Coyote do?
He stuck the feather on his back towards the rear
And got his tail