In the olden times there was a nice inuit girl. She was of marrying age but she did not like anybody in the village, nor anybody her folks set her up with.

One day a handsome stranger landed ashore and they fell in love. Boom like that. He was a great fisherman, and brought many fish for the whole family. It was very impressive. Everybody say This is the dude!


There was something strange about his nose though. There was a growth on top of it. And grandma thought he smelled a little too fishy. But grandma kept quiet and wished her grand daughter the best. Heck why be so prejudiced!? Let them young people have some freedom! Off they went, the happily married couple, to go live on their island home.

Once on the island, it did not take long for the wife to figure out that she had been tricked. This guy was not a real man.


Maybe it was the cold fish and squid day after day after day. Or, it was the patch of wet grass they slept on every night at the top of the rocks. The regurgitated throw up was another clue. When he spat stinky oil one day, she knew she had married a fulmar. What?! You have got to be kidding me! I married a sea bird?!

Well, after getting used to the routine, it was not so bad. Food was plentiful and the colony was real festive. Then the fledglings arrived, winters came and went. She learned the language and made friends. She missed the warm fires and human company, but she was too ashamed to go home.

One day her father was out hunting in his skin boat and paddled to the far away island to see his daughter and son-in-law. It had been many years. He missed her and wanted to meet the grandchildren. He was shocked to learn that his daughter was living with a fulmar. He erupted in anger at this deceit. What the heck is going on here!?   You damn liar! So, he hacked the fulmar to death.


He grabbed his daughter and put her in the skin boat. You are comin’ home with me! Right now! And he rowed away into the sea as fast as he could. But the daughter, she was so upset about her husband, and her kids, she began grunting and screaming and cackling. The whole sky filled with fulmars! They came in dive bombing, spitting, stirring up the waves, goin nuts! What are you doing?! You stupid girl! Be quiet! The boat was rockin’ hard back and forth, filling with water and bird guano.

The boat was about to capsize with all the action so pops threw his daughter overboard. She did not know how to swim, and so she clung on to the boat. Father was in a mad panic, grabbed the ax, and cut off all her fingers so that she would let go.


She swirled to the bottom of the sea. Bleeding. Unconscious.   Walrus and sea lion, cod and mackerel – all came by to take a look and say a prayer for her. As she sank deeper and deeper, she transformed herself. Not a human. Not a fulmar. Into the goddess of the sea.


She married a sea scorpion, and befriended an octopus dwarf. She shared gossip with tube worm and clam. She pow wowed with king crab and Ms. eel. The only problem with living at the bottom of the sea, without any fingers, is that it is hard to comb your hair. Luckily, humans send their best and bravest representatives down to sort out the tangles. Pay respects. Apologize for trespasses. And give thanks. This pleases the goddess, and she returns the favor with bountiful schools of sardines, herds of narwhal, and a couple of breeching whales.  sedna.jpeg                                                                                                                                                       The end.