my kid said that there is no god, there is only science

“If there is god, show him to me”

i said – science deals with the material world

it does not deal in human reflection

it does not answer questions of choice and ethics

its perspective of the universe looks out but not in

sees it as an object not as a multi dimensional mirror

it is a useful view, but limited and narrow

in relation to humanity and the mind

consciousness and conscience

and the heart beat of time

do scientists cheat to get their data published, yes

do scientist play connect the dots on paper when the data is actually a shifting sea, yes

do scientists spread disease, even as they are seeking cures and novel fields of inquiry, yes

do scientist destroy natural worlds, even as they create new synthetic ones, yes

are scientists funded by the wealthy or by the poor, yes

are scientists working for the common good or the common evil, yes

are scientists creatures of the lab or animals in the bush, yes

are scientists human, yes

but science is not about people, it is the search for truth

science is the light that destroys the darkness of ignorance

science is consistent and methodical and a foundation of knowledge

that builds upon itself and enables

prosperity and progress, reason and reality

before there was science, people were dumb and stupid

before there was science, people believed in all sorts of invisible things that do not exist

spirits in the clouds and the mountains, malevolent magic and wicked sorcery

is this true?  has science proven these things to be false?  what kind of a test did they run?

before there was science, people were dirty beasts

they lived like eternally hungry, grunting malformed simians

they beat each other on the head with sticks and ate each others young

is this true?  how long ago was that?  what culture are you talking about?

it was science that blew away the fog and mist of fuzzy superstitions

science that freed the shackles of trapped imaginations

science that nailed the concept of divinity on a stick and left it out to dry

then took over as the guiding force of human cultures

science, not god

I have not seen God, in person, nor had a proper conversation with Him

a conversation that is back and forth where you ask a question and get answers, nope

or one of those conversations where you are quite sure he is listening

present, not absent

here, not out to lunch

nope, not even that

but I do know that the origin the split the cockadoodle shabang

was awe lightning and love

how do i know this?

well you can apply the scientific method to the life of a person

examine one who has been drenched in oil

cooked in the coals

parched in the desert

punctured with worm holes

swollen with pus

crippled by rot

shelved in the ice cold corner

and thickened with calluses of the hardest steels

go ahead and dissect that heart

pause, take a good look

observe, find patterns, experiment

analyze and understand

then come to a conclusion

about the existence of soul and spirit

about universal laws

about divine and supernatural forces

find out the answers to

why or how or what is in charge

when or where or who is the boss

(hint:  it is not what you think…)

so kid – I can’t show you something that in essence

has no form no thought no mental splits

a being minuscule and encompassing

an exploded dream of geometric dusts

a clear running stream that floods and falls infinite

but if you join together all the disparate shards of the fragmented mind

suspend the trickle of inanimate garbage spewing from the pipes

take some breaths

and feel for the tiny cave of happy still peace within…

that is God rooted in the mother earth growing a tree that touches the sun and that is you