One day Whale was sucking up some tasty shrimp a little too close to shore and the tide got him.  He ended up stuck high on the sands.  Breathing dust.  Skin flaking off in strips and not feeling his best.  Maybe this is the day…

In comes Raven.  Giant Raven.  She tries and tries, but she cant move the big ol’ whale.  Just cant get a grip on him. Not enough leverage.  Too thick, too much blubber, too far from the sea.

wapaq1 small

The Sky is saddened to see the dying Whale.  It is not time yet!  The Sky spits on the earth.  The bits of saliva become little red capped Wapaq spirits.  Raven is surprised to see them.  “What are you doing here?!”  Then the Wapaq spirits say – ”  Eat us Raven!”.  Raven is like, uh, okay…

wapaq2 sm

Then Raven becomes super super strong and lifts Whale right up off the beach!  She tows him way out into the channel.  Whale is so grateful to be alive that he starts to dance and flop and water is splashing everywhere.  Fins, flukes, laughing baleen, the whole thing.  Raven is like no big deal, I’m outa here.  As she flies home, Wapaq spirits sprout from her flight path, and cover the earth with Red and White specks.

wapaq3 sm