Heres a few more drawings that trace their origins back to rainforest medicines.  Thank you to the forest peoples who understand the importance of ancient trees and the spirits that dwell within:

Who is laughing here?!


If you are not awake in the wee hours of the morning, you’re gonna miss the best part!


I know Bauhinia as a legume tree with pink orchid like flowers.  In the tropics is a gnarly liana of a Bauhinia that climbs up to the sky people.


The chicharras are singing ji ji ji ji ji ji ji ji ji ji ji ji ji ji ji…

caco pai2

Then Orellana’s ship was swallowed by the great amazonian catfish.  why!?  Where did he go?


In the shadow of the sun, Indians chant for another round.

sun canoe2

In the presence of indian medicine, songs are vibrations are rainbow arcs of energy that are inserted deep into one’s being.  The goal is to open one’s eyes to the magic of this world.  Know gratefulness and find kinship.